Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Star!

Here's the IO Metro commercial that Hollyn and I were filmed in on December 7th!  

Allison from IO Metro's Rogers store called me that afternoon and said 'I know this is last minute, but Vern Yip (from HGTV) just signed with our company as our spokesperson and they just flew him in, and we are filming a commercial in the store later this afternoon and would like some of our best customers here to be in it - Can you be here?' or something along those lines.  I got kind of nervous, and told her to give me a few minutes to think about it.  So, I called Chris and decided I was just going to do it!!  I called her back and told her I would be there, but didn't have a sitter for Hollyn on such short notice, and she said it was fine if she just came with me!   Hollyn & I hurried to get ready and got the store kind of early. We hung out in the store for a while they set everything up, and Vern filmed the first part of the commercial.  We had been there for quite a while, so we had to skip Hollyn's nap and she was getting kind of cranky.  Then, one of the film guys comes to me and says 'Okay, we want you and the baby!"  So we went over to the art and Vern was talking to us about how to choose the right art, while I held Hollyn.  She was all over the place, moving her head following the camera man.  It took all my strength to hold Hollyn on my hip, keep her from crying and smile & act like I was paying attention to Vern!   
My little baby was a star - at 9 months!!!
We got to talk to Vern for a long time before we started filming!  He is the nicest guy!  He has an 11 month old son (at the time), and he said he was missing being away from him, so he LOVED getting to see Hollyn! 


Leigh said...

Wow! That is so cool, Morgan!! She is a doll! They are lucky to have her in their commercial! ;)

M Rice said...

The Chandler women are TV stars!!!