Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st Time Sledding

We got around 4 inches of snow on Thursday!  It was awesome waking up that morning and holding Hollyn up to the window, so she could see all the snow on the ground and all the snowflakes coming down!  Everything is so much more fun now with Hollyn!  I dressed her up in her new North Face 'Infant Plushee Fleece Bunting' that morning! 
I was so ready for Chris to get home for work, so we could take her sledding for the first time!  We got her all bundled up and went for a drive around the block on the 4 wheeler!  We wedged her right in the middle of us, so she wouldn't get too cold!  

Amanda Hitt said we could use her driveway, so took Hollyn there to sled!  Here is the video of her & her daddy sledding for the 1st time:

Mommy & Hollyn - looking cute in our matching red North Face jackets!

 She accidentally fell off the side of the sled and landed the side of her face in the cold snow, and she didn't even cry!  I figured we were done at that point, but we just brushed her off and went down a few more times!!  

She had a blast sledding! ...So did Chris & I. : )

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