Wednesday, December 1, 2010

9th Month- DECEMBER

Hollyn turned 9 months on December 1, 2010
She was 16 pounds, 15 oz
28 inches

 waking up Dec 1st morning :)

I started weaning her from breastfeeding on Dec. 2nd when I got my wisdom teeth taken out.  We put her on Similac Advance during the day- and I only nursed her at night, then went every other night, then we were done by December 17th.  It was a very smooth transition!  She was only drinking 2-3 oz at a time when we switched and was very picky about when she would drink out of a bottle.  In the middle of the month, I started putting her milk in her sippy cup and she LOVED it!  She wouldnt even touch a bottle after we started this - AND she started drinking her entire 4 oz. and often wants more!

On December 7th, Hollyn was filmed in her first commercial! IO Metro called me and asked if I could come to their Rogers store because Vern Yip was going to be there - because he had just signed to be their spokesman and they were going to be doing a commercial and wanted some of their best customers there!  I told them that I didnt have a sitter, and Hollyn would have to come with me.  We were hanging out and the film guys said - okay, we want you and the baby!!  We were filmed talking to Vern and looking at the paintings!

On December 9th, Chris's family came up from Florida for the weekend to celebrate Hollyn's first Christmas with us!
Meghan, John, Nick (Papa), Nora (Baba, Daddy, Hollyn & Mommy

She loves opening gifts - and is quite good at ripping the paper off and pulling tissue paper out of bags! 

We opened presents on Saturday Dec 12th morning, ate at Crabby's for dinner, then went to the square to see the lights, Santa & the reindeer!
Hollyn meeting one of Santa's helpers for the first time!
Monday, December 13th  - Hollyn had her 9 month checkup with Dr. Averitt
Hollyn weighed 17 lbs. 3 oz. (15th percentile) and is 28 inches (60th percentile) 
and got her 2nd flu shot and didn't even cry!! 

She's growing too fast!

She loves helping Mommy & Daddy do EVERYTHING:

She loves to cuddle!

On December 22nd, I was able to get a video of Hollyn walking! She has been taking steps alone since November 19th, but this time I was able to back away pretty far to get a video with my iPhone!  


Dec 23rd - Great Grandma Chandler and Great Aunt Jennifer & cousin Addison came to visit us

It Twas the night before Christmas....

1st Christmas Morning!!  Santa came!! Yay

White Christmas!!
We had a good time opening the gifts from Santa, skyped with Baba & Papa, ate Cinnamon Rolls, bathed, napped, then went to Granny & Pa's house

Family Picture on Christmas

Hollyn has been enjoying playing with all of her Christmas gifts! - Here she is in her princess cozy coupe from Great Grandma Shirley and Great Pa Tee!
 Hollyn cut her first two teeth on the day after Christmas!  She was a very cranky and hadn't napped all day after we went to our last Christmas at Chris's Dad's house on Dec 26th

Later Sunday night, she is sleeping in Uncle Jon's arms at Granny & Pa's house.

She loves climbing up the stairs!  She sneaks over there & is halfway up even before we realize it!

Miss Attitude with new teeth!


  LOVE, The Chandlers!

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