Wednesday, September 1, 2010

6 Months Old!

Hollyn turned 6 months old on Wednesday, September 1st! 
This is Hollyn's foot and handprint in plaster that we did today!

It seems like our little baby is making milestones almost everyday! It is amazing to watch her develop and grow! 

Okay, I started this blog a couple months ago & never finished writing! I'm horrible about sitting down and writing an entire post!  Maybe because if Hollyn is around, she likes to help me on the computer - pulling up and holding onto the screen, taking away my mouse or trying to type on the keys!  I am able to take pictures everyday with my iphone, so maybe I can show you what we have done day by day for the month of September  - Hollyn's 6th month... here we go!   I really want to do this, I know I'll regret it if I don't!!! 
Sitting in her chair on September 1st! 
As she got better at crawling, we watched her crawl further & further into our bathroom from the master bedroom. That morning, she made it all the way to the mat in front of the shower! 

That night we went to eat with Tresa, Jon, Hayley & Hunter at Marketplace.  Here she is with her Uncle Jon! 
September 1st
It rained for the first time in like a month, so Hollyn and I woke up sick! :(  Hollyn had her first cold!
September 2nd

She already had a doctor's appointment scheduled the next day for her 6 month check up.  Her pediatrician just said she had a cold, and it would go away in 3-5 days.  She weighed 14 pounds, 10 ounces (25th percentile) and was almost 26 inches (also 25th percentile).  At all of her previous checkups, she has been in the 25th percentile for weight, and 75th for height -  Dr. Averitt had told us that they usually catch up to the same percentile in heigh & weight, but we had no idea that she'd stay in the 25th for both!  So she's little : ) She told us not to worry about her being little  - that other girls that are also 6 months will look bigger, but Hollyn is growing how she should!  She noticed that Hollyn had very good eye contact from across the room.  H got her first book at this checkup, and Hollyn opened it right up and started turning pages! 

My parents came over to watch Hollyn that night, so Chris & I could go on a date!!
before dinner at Crabby's!

When we got back from dinner, Hollyn was running a 101.8 degree temperature.  We gave her Tylenol and ran her a bath.  The next day, September 4th, was the first home football game.  Chris & Grandpa Jeff went to the football game and I stayed home to watch over sick lil Hollyn. (and got to read a lot of Mockingjay!)
I was able to catch up on Mockingjay while Hollyn napped!

On Sunday, September 5th, Hollyn was starting to feel better.  At my parent's house, we fed Hollyn her first formula bottle! 

That night, my parents watched Hollyn, so we were able to go to the movies with Tresa, Jon, Travis & Marguerite to go see Inception!  Two dates in one weekend, thanks Mom & Dad! 

Memorial Day 2010, September 6th! 
Hollyn surprised us that morning when we walked into the living room to see Hollyn pulled up for the first time on the couch!!!
She started pulling up that day, and hasn't given up! 
We also put her in her jumper a little later that day and saw that she figured out how to jump!!!

September 7th. Housework is getting difficult since Hollyn is crawling and following me everywhere, and pulling up on everything.  This is how I'm able to do laundry!

That night, we went to dinner at Copeland'swith Amber and Derek Rothwell, that are expecting a baby boy in December! 

Hollyn is still very good when we go to dinner.  When we get her out of her carrier though, she likes to grab at everything, and likes to jump up and down! 

September 8th
Hollyn decided that since she already had drinking out of her sippy cup down, that it was time to drink out of my cup!   Here is she drinking grapefruit juice from my tervis tumbler! 
She couldnt get enough and kept grabbing for it. 

Hollyn rode like a big girl in the cart that night at Walmart for the very first time! 

September 9th
Hollyn loves to jump!!!!  I put her Johnny Jump up in my closet doorway, so this is what she does every morning while I take my shower! 

She looked so sweet during her morning nap.  Probably dreaming about all the things she could get into that afternoon!

She got her walker in the mail from her Baba & Papa that day! Yay!!!

  That afternoon she was very mischievous! She crawled from doorstop to doorstop to play with them!
and was probably the first day for her to really notice the electrical outlets! 
Time to get serious about baby proofing the house!!!

She LOVES electronics!  She grabs for our iPhones, remotes, computers anytime she is able!  We found Chris's old iPhone 3GS and gave it to Hollyn!  We downloaded lots of cool baby apps for her to play!  (Animal Sounds, Flashcards, etc.)
September 10th

September 11th  Razorback game on TV!

September 12th
Hollyn's first Perry family reunion.  yay. 

September 15th.  Hollyn pulls up on EVERYTHING now!  AND she loves looking in the mirror, so of course, pulling up on the mirror is one of her favorites!

Stamp that she got on her foot the first day of Little Gym!
Hollyn started Mommy & Me Gymnastics at The Little Gym on September 15th! Mandy Clark invited us to try it out, and we loved it so much that we decided to join for the rest of the year!  I bought her this red & black leotard that says "Go Hogs Go" on the front!  
We did a photoshoot that afternoon!

Sept 16th
We went shopping at Dilly Dallies and she got her curiosity cube!

September 17th
Hollyn had her first date with Roman Hitt.  Here is a picture of him & his gorgeous mommy, Amanda

September 18th
Chris loves having a baby that is content enough to sit in his lap and watch football.

That night, we went to Chase's 1st birthday party!  Hollyn wore a cute hand-me-down dress from the Bridgers!

September 20th
Sweet girl  - small enough to nap in my lap.  I'm going to miss this.

Upgraded to her Peg Perego Umbrella Stroller!

September 21
Helped mommy work on her tutu skirt for her Ballerina Monkey Halloween Costume!

September 22
The first of many times for her to crawl under her excesaucer

She is obsessed with sticking out her tongue!  She thinks it is so funny!

Most precious thing you have ever seen?  Sweet milky lips : )

September 23rd
 Wearing the shirt that Daddy got her at Academy : )

September 24th

Mommy loves this girl so much!

Had to get a play yard b/c she was crawling all over the place!

First bruise!

September 25th
First Conference Football game - vs. Alabama! 
Dressed Cute in her tutu onesie! 

Fell asleep in Daddy's lap while tailgating!

Fun in the box with Mommy & Auntie Kim!


September 26th
Went to Great Granny's house for the 1st time!  
Fell asleep with Lucky (Cousin Hunter's favorite bear)

Granny fed her Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs for the first time - not a fan, and would gag!

Monday, September 27th
Went to Peace Lutheran Park to play with Caroline & Emily!

Went to walmart with Mommy & Daddy and rode in the cart like a big girl!

September 28th
Fell asleep on mommy's chest - enjoyed it, doesnt happen much anymore!

She was being funny at the gate that day! 

We went shopping at 3 monkeys and bought her favorite Little Giraffe blanket set that afternoon

Wednesday, Sept 29th

She loves crawling around naked after her bath!!

 Daddy came to gym that day!

 Hollyn loves going to the Little Gym!!!

Looking cute on her trip to walmart!

September 30th
Silly girl put my toe in her mouth!  She chews on her own toes all the time, why not Mommy's? 
 She played with the bag from 3 monkeys for days! 

We did a photo shoot in the back yard!  

Here is my facebook album for September!

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