Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hollyn @ 5 months

Hollyn just turned 5 months old, August 1 2010!

She is 13 lbs, 14 oz. 
25.5 inches! 
(22 weeks)

Things she is doing right now:

Starting to crawl. She figures a way to get across the room to get what she wants, most of the time with a combination of rolling, scooting, etc. She's lifting herself higher with her arms now, and is getting up on her knees. I posted a video of her crawling on Wednesday (July 28th) -  I'd have to say that was her first official time to crawl across the room to get an object.  Now,  she's seriously all over the place.

This is August 19th  - really crawling by now! 

She loves her glow worm!  She loves to 'love' on it!

Putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.


We aren't sure if she is teething yet, but she is getting cranky at times and is drooling quite a bit.

Grabbing everything with her hands. Even my face!!! LOL She is pulling my hair - has been doing this for a while, but now she really knows she's doing it. While she is nursing, she loves to wrap her little fingers around my hair and just play with it. She is now reaching for and holding my iPhone! She is also showing interest in my iPad and computer, trying to help me type!

She is loves playing on her own. She has a good collection of toys going now that she plays with, either on a quilt in our bedroom, or on the big rug in the living room. She loves looking at her photobook, especially of the pictures of Mommy the day before she was born, and of her daddy caring her minutes after she was born to the nursery from the operating room! Granny got her a set of keys that she also likes. The Cucuz family gave her one of their old Webkins, the husky, that she loves to chew on and hold. She still loves her music player that was attached to her crib. She also likes her blue/green - black/white ring.

Her and Maddex (our spotted male kitty) are becoming more interested in each other. He likes to sit and watch her play. She just started crawling at him, which scares him away!

She finally enjoys eatting from a spoon! At her 4 month checkup with Dr. Susan Averitt, we were told to start trying to feed her rice cereal from a spoon. She said that once she got it down twice a day for two weeks, we could start her on fruits and veggies. We had already been feeding her rice cereal in her last bottle (mixed with pumped breast milk) of the night for like 3 weeks before this, so we thought she would have no troubles eating from a spoon. WRONG! She hated it and would gag and scream if you tried to feed it to her from a spoon! BUT if you poured that same mixture in a bottle, she would have no trouble at all eating it! After about a week of trying with little progress, we started also giving her baby applesauce with it (some bites of it mixed with cereal, some of each on their own). She still thought the swallowing thing on her own was strange. But then Aunt Katie came over and fed her and she did it just fine, then my mom & sister fed her one night, and she ate just fine for them too!! I figured out last week that she just wanted to sit on my lap to eat! (She's been so clingy to me lately!) Last Friday, we tried bananas and she LOVED them! I couldn't feed them to her fast enough! We have since then gone back to the high chair, and she is eating just fine!

We switched from rice cereal to oatmeal, because she was going a few days in between dirty diapers! (It's nice that we didn't have to change them everyday, but not so fun when we were in the airport coming home from Chicago and she had a total blowout and had to run to the bathroom, throw away her clothes, and hurry to board the plane!!)*

H smiling at herself in the O'hare airport bathroom mirror! She felt so good...

We are also now missing her nice unsmelly breast milk only dirty diapers. Didn't realize that was something we should have cherished at the time! LOL Poor baby also is having some major gas right now! (Which has embarrassed Mommy & Daddy on several social occasions!) We are having to give her Mylicon a couple times a day to keep her tummy from hurting! :(

We are working on getting Hollyn to sleep all night on her own without being swaddled. On July 25th, she woke up in the middle of the night in her pack n' play while swaddled and her in sleep positioner, on her belly!

It was so scary. We had to say goodbye to both right then! :( Now, she falls asleep after her last nursing of the night like usual (we moved it recently to 9:30), and we have been laying her down in her pack n' play, but she doesn't make it very long before waking up. (Not to eat, but just wakes up and turns over to her belly.) We have had to just put her in our bed between us, or take turns cuddling her, so we are all able to get some sleep.

We aren't too concerned right now, just doing what works, and we will eventually get it figured out. We just know we aren't ready to put her in her crib all the way across the house yet.

(Waking up happy beside Mommy!!)

Her little personality is getting stronger every day!! She's always been so happy and smiles at everyone and loves to see new things! We have continued to take her along with us everywhere we go. She is still doing great, giving big smiles to all the sales ladies, and getting compliments on her cuteness!

She is becoming a lot more vocal. She wakes up cooing and "singing" some mornings. When she gets frustrated or when we aren't paying attention to her, she whines! While playing in her jumper and excesaucer, she practices her singing and high pitched squealing! She is making consonant sounds and babbling more now. AND she is belly laughing so much right now. She thinks her Daddy is soooo funny! He can just move his head back and forth and she thinks it's the funniest thing in the world. Oh, and another thing... she is making "strawberries" all the time now (the spitting thing with her lips). She thinks they are funny, me, not so much! She also does this with her food. This is how we know that she is done eating!!!

(this is what happens when Daddy feeds her!!)

Her hair is also starting to grow back a lot more now. She had so much hair when she was born, but started to lose it around 4 weeks. Here she is her first week with all her hair.

She is going through so many changes right now! We cannot believe how big our baby is getting and how much she is developing! She is so much fun, we have no idea what we spent our time on before she was here!!! We love her more & more everyday!!!

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