Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 months - June

Apparently I was too busy being a new Mommy, so I am now going back to fill you in on the first few months... : )

Hollyn was 3 months old on June 1, 2010
She was 11 lbs. 11 oz (38th percentile)
24.5 inches (81st %)

June 1: Great Great Aunt Sue came down from Wisconsin to visit

June 3rd: Mommy & Daddy's 4 year Anniversary - They went to Crabby's for dinner and left me at home with Granny & Pawpaw

June 5th.... we moved into our new house!!!

H watching tv in our bedroom while we moved!

June 8th: Very Silly 3 month old!

June 10th: Happy Baby

June 11th: Mommy thinks I'm pretty and did a mini photo shoot

...that's right before I peed in my crib : )

June 14: When I really started sleeping with a silky!

June 15th: Mommy took off my dress to make me stop chewing on it... and I decided to be funny so she'd take a picture!

June 18: Mommy would lay me on my blanket and turn her head for a couple seconds and I'd be gone...
Yep, that's me trying to crawl at 3 months! 

H & Aunt Kate

H & Uncle Travis

H & PawPaw Gene

June 19th:  First time on our boat...

Then exhausted when we came home and went to the pool!

Hollyn & Emerie's 2nd Playdate 

June 27, 2010
Hollyn - 17 weeks
Emerie - 20 weeks

and Hollyn got hungry...

June 29th:

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