Friday, March 12, 2010

Hollyn is HERE... labor story!

Sunday February 28th: Shortly after taking my last tummy picture, we headed to my mom's house for our usual Sunday dinner with family.  I was feeling a little crampy, and lost my mucus plug around 4pm.  For the next few hours, I felt like I was leaking fluid.  I also was feeling some real contractions - not very strong, and on no real pattern (much different from the Braxton Hicks I had been having).  We went ahead & ate dinner - I had a waffle & sausage (around 5pm - not knowing I wouldn't get to eat again for almost 48 hours!) and went home around 6pm.  I called Willow Creek to describe what was happening, and the lady told me to go ahead & come in.  I had a short emotional breakdown, then we started packing!!!  We got to the hospital around 8pm and went into triage.  The nurse tested my fluid and it was definitely positive for amniotic fluid.  I was also dilated to a one.  She then had me walk the halls to see how much was coming out.  - now I wish I had continued to walk and let my labor progress on it's own for longer than I did.  I didn't know that they would not let me out of my bed again after that.   The nurse said that it was too dangerous in case her head was too far down.    So annoying.  I had to pee in a bed pan twice before getting my catheter.  
She called Dr. Partridge to see if she wanted to admit me and she did since my water was broken! 
(Me posting my 40 week belly pics on Facebook! lol)
Monday March 1: We finally got into our room a little after midnight- My Due Date!!  My contractions were getting stronger, but definitely managable.  The RN asked me many times if I wanted pain meds, but I denied them.  Around 2am, I gave in & was given Nubain, and it helped me relax for the next couple hours.  At 5am, they gave me my epidural, started my Pitocen IV, and my favorite - my catheter!  My contractions were strong & regular, so they were able to up my pitocen a few times during the day! Around 9am, I was dilated to a 1.5... and the nurse said there was still some water left in my bag, so Dr. Duke came in and broke my water the rest of the way (and said there was some meconium in there).  I was already dilated to a 3 shortly after this!  He inserted an IUPC - Internal Pressure monitor into my uterus also around this time to more acurately monitor the strength of my contractions and how they were affecting the baby and we able to take off my external contraction monitor. (The nurse kept coming in to adjust it - since it wasn't working correctly and Dr. Duke actually put in like 3 other ones that day!) My day seemed to go by pretty fast - I just remember I couldnt feel my legs most of the day!  Dr. Duke kept reassuring me that I would be able to deliver just fine, that even though he thought she was a big baby, I had a good body for delivering and was confident that she'd be here before The Bachelor started!!  At 5:00pm, They said they needed me to dilate a cm an hour, but that it could go quick at anytime after this, she just needed to bust her way through!  Around 6:30, I started running a high fever, so they started me on an antibiotic IV.  The nurse kept coming in and having me switch positions.  I didn't know this at the time, but when I would lay on my left side, Hollyn's heartrate would drop.  They said that she showed signs of her cord being wrapped around her neck and she was definitely face up.  They put me on oxygen for a couple hours.  (The mask was in my way while I was trying to watch The Bachelor!)  I was a 6.5 by then and Hollyn was at a -1 station (so her head was sticking out of my cervix!) They told me that they could tell that she had hair!!! : )   I started having extremely bad back pain during this time, and was able to feel every contraction.  Even though I had an epidural, they couldnt do anything for the pain because they said it was her head rubbing against my bones.  My contractions were very strong during this time.  It was horrible!  A random nurse came in and checked me and said I was dilated to a 9.  They immediately began wheeling in all their equipment.  Dr. Duke came in and checked me himself around 9:00PM.  He said that I wasn't quite a 9 and I wasn't progressing like he had wanted (my water had officially been broken for 12 hours - leaking for over 24).  At that time, he gave me the option of a c-section.  We quickly agreed that it would be the best option, after being in labor for 25 hours at that time.  I just wanted my baby delivered safely.   They prepared the operating room, as we waited.   The anesthesiologist (I will not call him by name) came into my room and was a complete jerk, even before we started surgery.  (Made me feel completely uncomfortable after having great nurses & doctors all day.)  He went over what was going to happen and said that putting me all the way out would be last resort, as it would also put out my baby - but would start with just putting extra medicine in my epidural.   I was a complete mess as I was wheeled into the operating room.  I asked if Chris could come in there with me right then, but he said he had to wait until they were ready for him and wouldn't change their operations just for me.  Medicine was administered into my epidural and after a few minutes Dr. Duke asked me if I could feel him pinch my lower right stomach - I couldn't.  Then on the left side, he asked me if I could feel anything, and I said it felt sharp and kind of uncomfortable - it still did the next few times he tried.  The anesthesiologist then gave me more medicine.  I was SO shaky from all the medicine being pumped in me and my teeth were chattering so much!  After a couple minutes Dr. Duke asked me if I could feel what he was doing, I only said I could.  They then started talking amoungst themselves about putting me all the way out.  I spoke up and said I didn't want anything that involved Chris not being in the operating room and I wanted them to make the epidural work.  Before I knew it, the anesthesiologist was putting a mask over my face and telling me that he was now putting me out!!! I flipped out and pulled it off me and told him I did not give him permission to put me out!!!!!! (at the same time, a nurse went out in the hall and told Chris that he could not come in, that they were putting me out).  I had a major panic attack and could not breathe!  I said that he didnt even give the second round of medicine time to work, and that they barely tested me!  He told Dr. Duke that I "grimaced" when he asked me if I could feel what he was doing.  I said I could feel it, but they didnt explain to me what I should feel - yes i felt it (pressure), but it wasn't uncomfortable! He tested me for a 3rd time, and I explained what I felt - what it should have felt like!  The anesthesiologist said that no one has ever changed their mind on the third time!! ughh!  Dr. Duke said something along the lines of, well she isn't lying b/c I've already started cutting her open!  I then screamed "where is my Husband?!?!" and as I turned my head around, Chris was walking in.  Chris said that the nurse came back out and then said to him "We need you now!!"  So you can only imagine what Chris was thinking during this time, first being told he couldnt come in, then being told to rush right in.  So I'm still arguing with the anesthesiologist when Chris gets in there. Dr. Duke tells Chris that the anethesiologist & I had a miscommunication.  So my c-section is already in the process.  My arms are flat out and there is a sheet up, so I can't see anything - only the anesthesiologist and Chris at my head.  Chris was able to watch everything that was happening.  I only felt a lot of pressure.  At 10:07PM, Hollyn is pullled out!!!  Dr. Duke said that the cord was indeed around her neck.  I kept waiting to hear her cry, but didn't. The anethesiologist told me that c-section babies don't always cry right away, but to give her a few minutes before worrying.  They take her over to the table to clean her up, and I pull the curtain to the side, so I can see.  I still hear no crying.  I keep asking if she is alright and he says that they don't look like they are rushing around, arent taking her to NICU, so I should believe everything is fine.  Chris then is holding her, swaddled in a blanket, letting her meet me for the first time, but I still don't see her crying.  I could not even enjoy the moment, because I thought something was wrong.  Chris takes her to the nursery, and I stay in the operating room as they sew me up (many layers for my muscles and stitches & staples for my top layer), I then had to be in recovery for an hour, all the while thinking my baby wasn't okay.  I had these things on my legs compressing my calves, keeping my legs from getting a blood clot and a clip on my finger (for oxygen & pulse) - that I had to keep overnight (so annoying!).  I kept asking for a drink, and the nurses just ignored me.  They finally got me ice chips, but only gave me ONE.  =(  I was sooo upset.  After what seemed like FOREVER, they finally wheeled me into my room (#33 - a different room than I was in before).  They put me into my new bed, and I really had no idea where I was - this was sometime around midnight.  There were a lot of my friends and family in the hallway (making sure I'm okay before they leave) and the nurse kept asking me if I wanted her to tell them to leave.  I just wanted to see my baby!

Tuesday March 2nd:  Everyone (including our parents) went home, and they brought Hollyn to Chris & I around midnight.  
(first picture I took of Hollyn) 
7 lbs. 13 oz.  20 inches
I was able to breastfeed her for the first time, and they left her in the room with us.  I was so relieved to see that she was JUST FINE!  The nurse said she was just a calm baby.

My hands were so swollen and numb from my carpal tunnel that it was hard for me to even hold her.  We had to have the nursery come and get her for a couple hours until her next feeding.   I had so many doctors and nurses come into my room that night, I dont think that I got any sleep at all - or knew what was going on.  My parents and Chris's mom came early that morning to meet Hollyn for the first time.

The nurses advised us to not have any other visitors that day, for me just to get my rest - but we still had a few people show up - My uncle Jon, Allison Stone (that morning).  A few people also came that afternoon (Aunt Jennifer & the girls & Addison, Katrina & Luke) and Chris was able to bring Hollyn into the hall so they could see her.  
 Later that night Marguerite, Linda Maestri, Aunt Tresa, Jon, Hayley, Hunter, Katie, Jeff & Lisa came to meet Hollyn! 
On Tuesday Morning, Dr. Lovell (Pediatrician) came in to talk to us about Hollyn.  He explained that Hollyn's blood test results had come back and she had an elevated level of white blood cells.  He also explained that she had some inconsistant bands in her blood work as well.  They started her on antibiotics right away as a precaution and wanted to test her blood again later in the day.  He came in later that day and was estatic that her white blood cells were already back to normal!

Wednesday, March 3rd:  Dr. Duke came into my room and told us that he releasing me if I wanted to go, but we had to ask to be discharged.  We decided to stay another night.  We had a few visitors that day - Brittney Skelton, Ashley Ardemagni & Ashley Wiechman.  
(I got my shower!!!)
Thursday, March 4th: We signed our discharge papers and Dr. Anderson (Horrible Pediatrician) came in and said that Hollyn was released.  We had our bags packed and were ready to go!  Dr. Anderson came back in to our room and said that she just thought to also check my file , and that my placenta report had just came back and it had tested positive for infection (since my water had been broke for too long).  She said that they needed Hollyn to stay longer so she could continue to be on antibiotics, just in case she had came in contact with my placenta.  So we made sure it was okay with Willow Creek and we stayed another night (night 5).
Friday, March 5th: I fed Hollyn around midnight, then took her to the nursery for her (hopefully) last treatment of antibiotics.  They said they were also going to draw blood for a CBC to see how her blood count was at this time (to determine if she could go home or not).  They brought her back into my room around 3:45 and she began nursing.  About 10 minutes later, a different nurse comes back and says that they need her back ASAP, there was a blood clot in the CBC!  I ask if I can finish feeding her and she'd be ready in another 10 minutes.  I wake up Chris, freaking out, because I'm thinking my baby has clots in her blood! =(  We are researching it on the computer and are completely devistated.  I stayed up until they brought her back at 5:30am.  The (good) nursery nurse explains that it had nothing to do with Hollyn's blood.  The tube that the blood goes in has a blood thinner in it, and if not shaken properly, it will clot -their mistake!  What a relief!! but so furious at the other nurse for not explaining that to me when she rushed into my room.  What a feeling, when you think something is wrong with your own CHILD.   

After getting a couple hours of sleep, Dr. Averitt (Another Pediatrician) comes into our room and tells us that our baby is JUST FINE, and has been JUST FINE!  and she didn't even need to finish her last round of antibiotics!! Just because I had the infection, they were being over cautionary, just incase she got infected and they didnt catch it the first time!  First pediatrication to sit down and explain this to us!  We will be using her!

Later that morning, The photographer the came into our room... and we had pictures.
Click HERE to see her pictures

They took her one last time and removed the IV from her hand, and did her hearing test! They said she passed with flying colors!!!

Around 2:00PM on Friday we were ready to go home!!!

(I will be continuing to update this post as I remember details and will add more pictures!!)


Amanda said...

Awww! She's lovely. :) Glad to hear that you guys made it out alright and well! Take care!

Taylor said...

Oh my word, bless your heart! It sounds like your delivery was about like mine, and I'm pretty sure we had the same anesthesiologist because I despised mine. Long story, but he was awful. However, Hollyn is beautiful and Dr. Averitt has been Grace's doctor since she was 1 month old....we LOVE LOVE LOVE her!! So glad you guys are all good now!!

Leigh said...

Oh, you poor, poor girl!! What an ordeal!! I know she is sooooo worth it though. She is so pretty! I'll be messaging you on facebook about the anesthesiologist. I liked mine, but I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that!!