Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Gift

Chris & I - Now
(minus Chris having the broken neck & knee - thanks to the cats for knocking it off the mantel!)
Chris & I - Hopefully Soon
Chris's Mom sent us this amazing "Our Gift" Willow Tree figurine for Valentine's day! It brought tears to my eyes! I love Willow Tree!  We got our first figurine - "Promise" from Miss Judy as a wedding gift.  I can't believe that almost four years later, it's almost time for our little gift to arrive!

We are soooo ready to meet our sweet little girl!  We I do not like that we have no idea when she's going to be here!  I've continued to have Braxton Hicks contrations, that have been around 7 minutes apart since last Friday night.  Tuesday night, Chris & I went to dinner with Tresa & Jon at Mary Maestri's and they were 3 minutes apart for our entire dinner!  We were wondering whether or not to call the doctor to see if we needed to come in, but decided just to come home & lay down, and they eventually settled down.  They aren't that painful, but just especially uncomfortable.  My entire tummy gets huge & tightens up, and the waist of my pants feels like it's going to rip apart since she's so low now!!! We're hoping that MAYBE these contractions have talked my cervix into opening a little, and maybe she'll be able to come next week?  I'm really not liking the idea of going from 0-10 on March 8th!  Chris's mom will be here sometime next week.  Chris's dad and sister are flying in from Florida on Sunday the 7th and Chris's brother, John is flying in from Washington D.C. on the 10th!

Since we've had some extra time in the past couple weeks, we've bought a couple few back up coming home outfits... I think this one (below) is probably going to be the one! (with pink crochet headband & flower bow)
This is another option, also newborn size.. and don't worry, we have lots of blankets, swaddlers, leggings, tights and hats packed in her bag to keep her warm!
This one is also in the bag, it's 0-3 month size, and will most likely be too big, but just in case she's a BIG girl!
Just thought I'd share this one with you, since it's so darn cute!!  My mom bought it for Hollyn last weekend at Melody's Choices!
and I got her the matching socks, headband, and bow!
Our sweet next door neighbors, the Coleman's, dropped off a gift for Miss Hollyn....  this amazing Paper, Denim & Cloth dress (12m) with a pink hat & bow.  I can't wait for her to wear this!

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Kate said...

I love all of them! The first one with the jacket is very cute, and I LOVE the shirt with the bow and matching skirt, I need that in Kam's size! She's going to be beautiful in whatever one you pick, but the fun of dressing her up is a definite bonus to having a girl!