Monday, February 15, 2010

38 weeks

Happy 38 Weeks to Me on Valentine's Day!

 So, I've been having pretty consistent Braxton-Hicks contractions since Friday night, probably 4-5 an hour... my stomach gets huge and gets SO tight... lasting around 30 seconds.  We thought for sure that they were a sign that we would see some progress this morning at the doctor.

Our appointment was with Dr. Seale.  It was our first time to see her & we really liked her! She was great at explaining everything to us, and seemed like she understood everything a lot better (being female)! I was having a contraction when she walked in the door, and told her that it was no big deal b/c last week because I probably still wasn't dilated.  She said I had probably been seeing one of the male doctors with big fingers, and since hers were small, she could probably fit them in there.... NOPE!  No luck again this time.  She said that my cervix was still very long and hard, and she too thought that I would still be pregnant on my due date, but they wouldnt let me go over a week overdue.   So we're still looking at March 8th.  She said they'll have me come in on the Sunday night before, they'll give me medicine to soften my cervix, and I'll come back the next morning to start pitocin.   
Other things I learned this morning:

  • My blood pressure was great, 108/72

  • I had no weight gain since last week! (YESS!!) 

  • My tummy measured 37 weeks (so she's not too big) 

  • Hollyn's heartbeat was 160!
Chris made me promise I would't get upset over what the Dr. said today, and I'm not! : ) I guess I'm just fine with having her hang out in my belly for another 3 weeks!!!
I'm just SO ready to see her beautiful little face!

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Leigh said...

Hey girl! Congrats on the good appointment. I think that when i saw Dr. Seale with Emma, I had just gotten back from visiting my Dad in California and had discovered In-n-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme donuts. I totally gained like 11 pounds in one month!! Terrible! I know that you are probably soooooo ready to have her in your arms, but seriously, enjoy every second of having her in your tummy. It sounds weird, but I promise you will miss it!! ;) And three weeks is sooooo soon! :)