Tuesday, February 9, 2010

37 weeks

Hollyn is now considered full term at 37 weeks.  We had another doctor's appointment on Monday with Dr. Gorman.  He said I am STILL not dilated and he really doesn't see anything happening before my due date.  He said he will most likely have to induce me, and he'll let me go a full week over.  So we are looking at March 8th as Hollyn's birthday. 

Here is a picture of my tummy on Sunday, measuring 42 inches!


Cori said...

You look great, Morgan!

Leigh said...

So cute!! You do look absolutely amazing!! Oh how I love Dr. Gorman!! He is just so smiley and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. But I especially love how he is just so darn smiley!!:) He is just as bright and chipper for a 7am c-section! And 8am c-section too! I'll keep you in my prayers!! :) And tell Dr. Gorman we said hey!

Morgan said...

You're so sweet Cori! Thank you for your kind words! I need them right now! : )

Leigh - Thank you!!!! : ) I love Dr. Gorman too, such a great guy! I feel really bad for crying when he told me for the 3rd time that I wasn't dilated on Monday! He was very comforting!!! Thank you very much! : )