Monday, February 1, 2010

36 Weeks

I had my 36 week doctor's appointment this morning with Dr. Gorman. He checked me again and said that her head is still down, but I'm not dilated. =(  I'm kind of bummed, I was really wanting to see some progress this week after none last week.  But actually, this check should have been my first. For some reason, my appointments got off track and I was able to come last week, a week early.  He also said my Beta Strep test from last week was negative!  I asked him about the numbness I was having in my hands and he said it's carpal tunnel, which is very common in pregnancy.  He said even the slightest bit of swelling in my wrist can put pressure on the nerves that go to my fingers.  I also asked him about Hollyn's HUGE hiccups she has like 3 times a day!  He said that different babies have different sized hiccups, and big ones are perfectly normal! 

After my appointment, my sweet hubby took me to lunch at Mimi's so I could have my favorite yummy buttermilk pancake 'breakfast' with scrambled eggs & sausage that I've been craving!!  He's such great husband!  

Here's my 36 week picture from yesterday...

Yesterday we got out of the house to do some shopping that I have been wanting to do!  We were able to find a possible coming home outfit for Hollyn!!  A cute polka dot onesie, with a cute frilly skirt...
We bought it in a Newborn size, so we're hoping it fits her! (5-8.5 lbs!) 

 Here is her bag all packed full of things (hopefully things we will need at the hospital) for her... lol  (bows, hats, blankets!)
I also got a new piece of luggage yesterday to put my hospital stuff in, so I don't have to bring my big suitcase!!! : )  It's a purple Sharper Image backpack on wheels! : )
Here is a few updated pictures of her nursery! (I'm so ready to be in our new house - so her nursery will have paint and we'll be able to hang stuff on the walls!)

I think we have everything all ready for her... now we just have to wait!  I change my mind about thinking she's going to come early!  My guess now is March 8th.  I figure I will go to 4 more weekly appointments - Feb. 8, 15 & 22, then the last one on my due date - March 1st... then I'll be scheduled for induction on the following Monday... or sometime that week.  Maybe the 5th?


Cori said...

I am just so excited for you!! I never got to experience the weekly appointments and wish I had been able to. Yea, I loved having her come early, but I looked forward to those weekly appointments to find out if I progressed. I hope with the next baby that we can play the waiting game, too! Good luck and enjoy these last few weeks without a child!

Cori said...

Oh... Katie was 6 lbs. 8 oz and required a preemie outfit. She is 11 lbs 12 oz right now, and is just starting to fit into 0-3 month. So, I think her newborn should be fine. You may want to bring a preemie just incase.

Kate said...

I'm getting so excited! I didn't make it to 36 weeks with either of my kids, so I missed all the waiting and progress reports too! Her outfit is too cute! If your worried it might be big just wash and dry it once, that should shrink it up a bit(in dye and scent free soap, just in case) Also, I'd be sure to have a snug-fitting cotton hat that matches unless you want to bring her home in the ugly one from the hospital, because the hospital will tell you to leave a hat on her for the first few days to keep her body heat in, regardless of what time of year it is. Kamryn wore one for a week and she was born June 27th!

Morgan said...

Thanks for the advice Cori! I'm so confused about what sizes she will fit into! I wish I knew how big she will be and WHEN she's going to get here! I'm not sure if I like this waiting game! LOL It's keeps anxious at all times, uncomfortable, and a little dissapointed when I think I am dilated and hear that I'm not! haha I'm just so ready to meet my little girl!

Katie - I'm not at all worried about her outfit being too small! My ribs feel like she's a very long baby! Her head feels so low and she can still easily reach my ribs! I bought another cute possible coming home outfit yesterday at Target, it's a little Pink T-shirt with a bow on it with the same frilly looking skirt with polka dots and some white leggings and tights, depending on what she wants to wear.. I'll post a pic! LOL... I know what kind of detergent to use! I've already washed a lot of her clothes, blankets & bedding! And I have a quite a few hats, bows & headbands packed in her bag... She has to look cute! : ) Come see me soon!