Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 35!

It's a great day for blogging!  The weather forecast for today was another 'ice storm!' We started getting freezing rain last night and we have had an enormous amount of snowfall today that shouldn't stop until around 3 am tomorrow morning! It looks like a blizzard outside right now, so I am happily (& warmly) inside!! 

We ended week 34 with our last shower - a couples shower hosted by our Creekwood friends at Doug & Ashley's house on Saturday night!  Here are two pictures of Chris & I at the beginning of the night.  Ashley made me a really cute corsage to wear!
Awesome diaper cake that Lottie made for us!
The food was amazing!
Ashley did such a great job setting up everything!
This is the wreath that was on the door that Ashley and her mom, Karen made!
The Entry
We had many fun games to play!  Here is one of them.  13 bags with "H-o-l-l-y-n A-l-e-x-a" written on them.  We played a game where we had to guess what baby item starting with each letter was in the bag!  Each was a gift for Hollyn!  The person with the most correct guesses won!
The guys had a chugging contest - out of baby bottles!!!
Chris got a  BIG bottle! LOL
The guys also had a poopy diaper contest - who could guess the most correct melted candy bars, by smell, look & taste!  Here's Gaven checking one out!

Good friends - Kim Smith & Ashley Gibson! We also played the yarn game, Kim was the winner!
Finally, we did a "baby birth lottery" guessing when Hollyn would be born.  Chris guessed February 21st - 12am-6am - so he gets any time before then also!
Us opening gifts....
We got a lot of great stuff from our great friends!!!

Hollyn is already so loved... how sweet is this?!?

On Sunday, my week 35 belly shot!

On Monday, we had my first weekly appointment with Dr. Gorman.  He did my first exam and said that I was wasn't dilated yet, but that her head was definitely down.  He also did the routine Beta Strep test. My tummy measured only 34 weeks, since she had dropped.  He said that my 'lightening' pains that I was experiencing were another form of round ligament pains (the horrible, horrible pains I had at the end of September).  He said just to sit down & rest when I experience them, and if they go away, then we shouldn't be worried.  Also, Hollyn's extreme activeness is still just a sign of her being healthy! It doesn't look like she's ever going to slow down!  I guess I have to wait until she's born to get a break from being kicked in the ribs and not being able to breathe!  My next appointment is on Monday, February 1st!

This last week in month 8 hasn't been too bad.  Tylenol PM has allowed me to get rest a few nights.  I'm having some back pains at later in the night It seems like I can never find a position that is comfortable to sit/lay down in, but my sweet husband is always there for a back massage, which helps me so much! I have continued to do the elliptical every other day, keeping my heart rate below 140, for 25-30 minutes, and it seems like my ligament pains aren't happening as often!
Something strange that has increased this week is my APPETITE!! I haven't been one of those crazy hungry preggos until... I think it was Wednesday!  I've caught myself waking up in the middle of the night for a snack, having Chris get me food when we're already in bed, snacking in between meals... I've never done this in my life! It's crazy!

Hollyn's room is almost completely finished.  We try to spend a few minutes in there a day getting things organized, taking tags off, making sure we have everything we need!  Our baby showers have been so amazing to us! We don't know what we would do without all of our friends and family helping us prepare for Hollyn!  We never realized until now how many little things you have to think about when having a baby!  We just put up a tall baby gate in Hollyn's bedroom doorway to keep Lexie & Maddex out, and so far it's worked!!  Our hospital bags are also slowly getting packed!  I have made Chris a huge list of stuff that I don't want to forget when we leave for the hospital... we'll see what we end up bringing (forgetting) when that exciting time comes!  One thing we still really need to do is to find Hollyn the perfect coming home outfit!!  We have a few outfits packed, just in case she decides to come before we're able to find THE right one!  She will be full term in only 9 days and give her full permission to come any time after that! :  )  30 days until our March 1st due date!!!  I think we can officially start counting down!!!

Exciting news this week....
Hollyn's (second) cousin, Joseph Conrad Sutherland was born on January 27th at 10:11PM, 7lbs, 7ounces!  We're so excited for Erika & Dain!

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Cori said...

We go to church with Erika and Dain and baby Joseph! I don't know them well, but Erika keeps Katie in the nursery! Small world!