Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm going to be a Mommy THIS YEAR!

This is the year that Chris & I become PARENTS! I am now 8 months pregnant, and we should be meeting our little princess in only 8 short weeks or so!  I had my first 2 week appointment last Tuesday with Dr. Gorman and I was measuring exactly 31 weeks!  Everything else seems to be right on track.  I still haven't been sick at all, and I've had no swelling so far!  Hollyn is kicking me more than ever right now though, and it's getting pretty painful now that she's growing so much and running out of room! We love to sit and watch her body parts poke out of my tummy!  I am having some back pain when I sit or stand for long periods of time.  I am also having rib pain & finding it hard to breathe since she's still so high! With only around 8 weeks left, I'm getting pretty anxious about getting things done before she comes!  I've been doing some pretty intense nesting the last few days!!! (and Chris has been doing a lot of helping since I can't do most of the things I want done!)  Not only am I trying to get the house ready for her, I'm getting our house ready to be on the market probably within the next Month!  Our new house is almost done framing...
Today, we were out shopping for rocker for Hollyn's nursery and before we walked into The Baby's Room, we thought we'd take a peek next door at Sam's Furniture just to see what they had. We were able to find a very nice kakhi micro suede rocker recliner for only $199!  We have no idea why the 2 baby stores in town  - Babies & Beyond & The Baby's Room are selling their chairs for $600-$800 when they are so comparable!!!  We also found a cute round, shaggy, pink rug to complete Hollyn's room at the The Baby's Room!  With help from my brother & my parents', we were able to bring in her chest and chair, and rearrange her room!  I've spent the last few hours getting her closet cleaned out and organized, cutting tags off, and going throught everything... and watching the Hogs play in the Liberty Bowl!  Here are some pictures of her room after all my (our) hardwork!!!

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