Saturday, December 12, 2009

3D Ultrasound

We got our 3D/4D Ultrasound today at What's Kicking in Bentonville.  Unfortunately, Hollyn decided to have her head turned the entire time, so we weren't able to see her face very well.  They said we can come back and try again - hopefully I'll be able to make an appointment before we leave for Florida for Chistmas/Meghan's graduation/My baby shower next week! Here are few that we were able to get today: 
(the side of her head)

I think this is the best one we got... you can see her face from the side and her arm...
Her hand up on her cheek...
Her elbow...
And her knee and arm bent... and I think her nose! : )
and a couple 2D Pictures
(Her face with her mouth open!!)
A profile of her head
Her face... you can see her eye sockets
29 week Tummy.... It's getting BIG!!

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