Thursday, December 17, 2009

2nd 3D Ultrasound!

We were able to make an appointment the following Monday night at What's Kickin.  My mom, dad, Tresa & Hayley went with us this time. Hollyn was a much better girl!  She was in a place that we could see her head very well.  The sonogrammer would get a good picture of her head in 2D, then turn it into 3D (which rotates it 90 degrees), then she would put her hands over her face!!! Silly Girl! : )  Here are some of the shots we got...
Look at her sweet lips... she had her hands covering her eyes!!!
Look at her mouth wide open! She was laughing at us!!!
Her arm over her eyes!!
Her sweet head : ) 
It was so neat to be able to see Hollyn for another hour!  I was so happy that they let us come back and that we were able to come back and get some better pictures of her.  The package that we bought also included a 4D DVD.  When we got done, the lady said okay, well we will just mail you the edited DVD when I get finished with it, and I was like..... um, can you please have it done before we leave for Florida on Wednesday morning? So the very nice lady worked on it the following night, and we picked it up at 10:45PM the night before we left!!  The DVD is amazing!  I'm trying to figure out a way to upload it on here - I'd love to share it with you.  I'll burn you a copy if not!  

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