Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nursery Update!

Since the custom bedding that we had originally ordered from Babies & Beyond fell through (backorder of the paisley & discontinue of the stripes), we were able to find this set from Pottery Barn kids called Penelope that we also liked! Chris & I made a trip to Tulsa on Friday to buy all of her bedding, register at PBK and Babies R Us, and even got Dad a new toy at Land Rover! : )  Here are some pictures of the bedding...

We got a bright pink bedskirt instead of the white and light pink one that went with it (*see below) and a chamois sheets (in green & bright pink) instead of the bird patterned ones.  I think the birds are cute, but I don't want them to be the main theme in her room, I'd rather go off the colors and patterns.

We also went ahead and got this magnetic tree for her room that I LOVE!  It can be drawn on with chalk, or you can hang pictures or whatever on it with magnets! 

Today, we found white framed pink & white polka dot letters at Hobby Lobby to go over her bed! (The only downside is that they have a glass covering, so they're going to be hard to take pictures of using a flash.) 

I wish that we could hang them on the wall right now!  I think we have decided to wait to put holes in the new house!  If you didn't know, Chris & I are building a new house - right up the road on a double lot in the back of the culdesac on Woodview Drive.   The layout guy came today and plotted our house!  Here is the view from the road, we have all the space in between the mailboxes.
The culdesac and larger yard is going to give Hollyn a lot more room to play!!

Here is the view from the back of the lot.

As you can see, we aren't moving far! We will be able to see our current house from our new house until they build a house on the corner of Woodview & Timber Ridge Drive.   The house should take around 5 months to build, so we're thinking it will be finished sometime in April. 

Oh, and how about a Tummy Update!  Me on Sunday at 26 weeks!


Leigh said...

So cute!! I love that bedding!! I remember Matt and I making the trip to PKB in Tulsa to register and pick out stuff. I love that place. We forgot to stop and get a Range Rover though. ;) Maybe next time...

You just need to tell Tim and Chris to get a move on and get things going with your house! I'll stay on them about it!! That will be so fun for you!

Love the pictures!

Cori said...

We bought custom made bedding through Pish Posh Creations. It was wonderful! I love your bedding, though!