Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hollyn's Cousins

I think Hunter might be over being mad that his cousin is going to be a girl.  Tresa said that he finally asked her the other day when his cousin will be here.  Up until this point, I think he has maybe put his hand on my tummy only for about a half a second before running away!  On Sunday at my parent's house, he finally decided that not only would touch my tummy, but also that he wanted to try to hear Hollyn!  I layed down (on my old bed in my old bedroom - now the kid's playroom), so maybe she would start kicking.  Hunter didn't want any one to see him being sweet except for Hayley and I, so he made sure the door was shut and locked!  He thought it was neat that she kicked him in the ear a few times!  (and he said he heard her and felt her kick like 5 times that I didn't even feel her!! lol ) He also sat there and was talking to her, telling her his name, so that when she is born, she'll already know him!!!  Everyone kept unlocking the door to try to peek in on him, and he kept getting mad, saying that he didn't want them to see, because sometimes he gets 'bored'.  I think he meant embarrassed.  He would push them out and try again to get another listen of his cousin!  He did allow my mom to come in and take some pictures, so we could show Hollyn later on. 
Hayley asked if Hunter if Hollyn was going to be his favorite cousin, and he said not until she turned 5 like him!! : )  He says that she's taking way too long to get here!  I think we all agree!  I think Hunter and Hayley really enjoyed their bonding time with baby Hollyn!

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Cori said...

My nephew was always so sweet with my pregnant belly. He always wanted to kiss it! My neices could've cared less :o)