Monday, November 2, 2009

1st Trip to Florida

Hollyn recently had her first trip to Florida and visited her Triviunovich grandparents for the first time!  We flew in on Friday October 23rd and left the following Wednesday.  She did a great job flying!  As soon as we arrived, Nora gave us all the cute little pink outfits that she (and Miss Judy) had bought for Hollyn as soon as she found out she was having a girl grandbaby! This is my favorite, a 0-3 month pink Ralph Lauren dress!
She's going to be sooo spoiled!
We also did some shopping while we were there (had to bring an extra carry on back on the plane)! We went to Ellenton Outlet mall, Mall of Millenia in Orlando, and the Brandon mall. I love these cute Amy Coe PJ's Grandma T bought her at Babies R Us! 
We were able to go to Clearwater beach on Sunday afternoon & Chris's mom took some maternity pictures for us on the beach.  I was 22 weeks that day. Here are a few of the pictures.
Here is a picture of Hollyn's closet so far! 
I probably shouldn't let Chris go shopping with me, especially when there is Polo stuff!  We found some cute stuff this weekend. These two are my favorites!

It is amazing to have neighbors with little girls in the same season!!!  We love hand-me-downs! Lottie saved all of Madeline's clothes and was kind enough to let me go through them!!!  Jann just gave us these cute black Pediped shoes that Emily had only worn a couple times.

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