Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hollyn Alexa

I set up our blog a few months ago, but was waiting for some BIG news before I started writing! Here goes my first post.......

We had our first ultrasound this week on October 6, 2009 when I was 19 weeks, 2 days along!  We were able to find out that we are having a baby GIRL!!! 

We visited with Dr. Cole and he said it was a perfect ultrasound.  I had the right amount of amniotic fluid, my placenta was in the right place (away from my cervix), the baby had 4 ventricles present in her heart, there were 3 vesicles in the umbilical cord, there was urine in her bladder - which meant her kidneys were working, she growing at exactly the right rate, and my size was right on track!! 
We couldn't be more happy with our results from the doctor on Tuesday!  We have decided to name her

(the Lyn from my grandma Lynn)!  When the ultrasound tech first took a look, Hollyn had her legs up around her head and her hands on her face!  The tech asked me what I thought the baby was... and I said "It's a girl" and she said I was right. : ) The three lines were very present as you can see from this picture.

You could see how active she was in the ultrasound wonder I have been feeling her so much lately!!  She finally did a flip and spread out so we were able to get a good profile pic of her cute little face.  I think she looks like I did when I was a baby!  You can see she has my dad's little stubby nose!

Here is a picture of both of her sweet little feet!!
Her hearbeat was once again around 160 beats per minute.  161 this time.

She looks like a little skeleton/alien in this picture.  Chris said he was thinking that, but didn't want to scare me during the ultrasound!! lol  I was thinking the same thing.

We were so glad that my mom & dad were able to come with us to this visit and be a part of this wonderful experience.  We were able to take home a DVD of the entire ultrasound.  We would love to share this with you if you would like to see it! 
It seems like our entire family is very excited... except for my nephew! haha  He bet my neice, Hayley a dollar that it was a boy.  Hayley wanted me to make them a cake (with blue or pink inside) so that they could cut into it and find out what we were having! 
Hunter wasn't so happy with the results.  He immediatly ran upstairs and would not eat any cake!!! We're still not sure if he's really mad because it's a girl, or just because he lost his dollar! lol
We hope to get a 3D/4D ultrasound at the beginning of December to see her once more before she graces with her presence in March!

Here is a preview of my baby bump so far (at 18 weeks)!

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